Divine bows

Divine bows are primarily made out of fine shiny satin, special sheer or sparkle ribbons of which the majority is imported from abroad. All bows are carefully hand-sewn, with attention paid to every detail, and stiffened with the combination of two different methods to ensure their perfect shape and durability. All cuts are prevented from fraying.


Bow sizes

Divine bows are designed for show dogs hence they conform to the unwritten sizing rules of show bows.

If you want Divine bows for your pet we recommend that you choose smaller bow than is “prescribed.”

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the bow sizes, do not hesitate to contact me for help.


Maltese bows:

Single top knot bows: made out of 15mm(5/8”) wide ribbons

Single loop: width of bow loop to loop = 23mm (0.90”) , height of bow = 10mm (0.39”)

Double loop: width of bow loop to loop = 25mm (0.98”), height of bow = 13mm (0.51”)


Double top knot bows: made of 10mm(3/8) wide ribbons

Standard size: width of bow loop to loop = 12mm (0.47”)

Mid-size: width of bow loop to loop = 14mm (0.55”)


Puppy bows:

For puppies up to 4 months of age it is best to use one bow of a pair from our double top knot bows. Down-flag or arrow-flag types look best.

For puppies from 5 to 9months old we offer special mid-size bows made out of 12mm (1/2”) wide ribbons, 20mm(0.78”)  wide (loop to loop).

However, single top knot single loop bows can also be used if the dog has a thick coat, they look very pretty. See for example here: http://www.divinebows.cz/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1_12_13_24&products_id=52


Yorkie bows:

Puppy: Same sizing as Maltese single top knot bows

Adult: made out of 25mm ribbons(7/8), width of bow 30mm (1.18”) loop to loop, height of bow 21mm (0.83”)


Shih-tzu bows

Same sizing as Yorkie adult bows.