Frequently Asked Questions


Why should I choose Divine bows?

  •      Unique, original designs – if you find the same elsewhere, it`s most probably just a copy. Divine bows set the trends and strive to always offer you something new, something special – because your dog deserves it!
  •     Quality and Durability are praised by our customers the most. If you care for your bows properly as for pieces of jewellery, they can last 5 years and longer.
  •      All this you get at fair prices
  •      Great customer service – I try to do my best to have but satisfied customers. Therefore I regularly communicate long emails with customers, discussing every detail of their order if they wish so. I very much enjoy hearing your personal stories about your dog(s) and watching the (show) success you have with Divine bows!


What size of Maltese double top knot bows should I choose?

As specified in the information about bow sizes Divine bows offer two sizes of Maltese double top knot bows – standard and mid-size bows.

I regularly get emails with questions about what size and what style to pick for a dog. First of all it is your dog and you know it best – you know the proportions of the head, the expression, the amount of facial hair, you make the top knot in a certain way… all these are factors to consider when deciding on size and style.

From my experience the standard size bows fit most dogs best. However, in the US for example, exhibitors prefer the mid-size bows for their dogs.

To help you decide I included photos of dogs in some of our bows so that you can imagine better what the bows look like on a dog. Many more photos are in our “Divine customers” album at Divine by Dana facebook fanpage!


What bands do you use for bows?

  •     For Maltese single top knot bows, Yorkie and Shih-tzu bows we use top quality latex clear or white bands.
  •  For Maltese double top knot bows we use non-latex clear bands of a size which allows you to simply put the bow on without having to coil the band around, so you will not damage the carefully made top-knot.

Can you make me a custom design and / or custom size?

  •   Yes! I gladly accept requests for custom design and regularly make custom sizes, too. Just drop me an email with your needs and wishes!


I have a dog show coming and need my bows asap. Is there any way you can make them earlier in priority?

  • Contact me!

It depends on many factors. In general I can say that it may be possible to make two or three pieces of bows in priority with an allowed time of at least one week.