Plastic bow barettes

Bow clips that save a lot of time and hassle and prevent hair breakage. You may choose from two sizes and several lovely vibrant colours.



These barettes will save the little hair that always stick out from the topknot and will help grow them longer.

If your dog`s favourite activity is sticking his head everywhere, especially under blankets, rubbing his head on the carpet and making all effort to get rid of the topknot band or wrap, then these barettes will save a lot of hassle to both of you. They come in bow shape, two sizes and several lovely colours.

  • These plastic barettes hold the little hair gently in place. It`s not necessary to use an additional band to secure the topknot.
  • These plastic barettes do not tear or damage the coat.
  • If you use these barettes along with gentle lightweight bands then they will help you grow lovely topknot hair on your dog.
  • Dogs usually tolerate these barettes very well (often better than bands).

Additional information

Weight 1 g